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Loopmasters Soundbwoy Killah (Multiformat)

12.03.09, 1:46 PM

The Soundbwoy Killah Drum and Bass Samplepack produced by Mr Mowgli - is a heavy collection of tearing drum and bass breakbeats, searing basslines, obscure and dark musical loops and pads, with a great collection of special FX and plenty of hits!
If you are a producer making dirty breakbeat, drum and bass and jungle tracks - you?ll find a consumate selection of
pure liquid material ready to rinse out straight into the mix. Mr Mowgli has really gone to town with the production
for his first Loopmasters release and we know that you won?t be dissapointed with the quality royalty free material
you?ll find in his brand new Drum and Bass Samplepack.

The Drum and Bass download features a solid collection of 43 Tearing Breakbeat Drumloops, 26 Music Loops, 16 Bass
Loops, 26 SFX Wavs, 6 Bass Multis and 5 Drum kits, including over 150 Drum Hits, all set to shake the speakers!
The 18 included patches for Reason NNXt, Halion, Kontakt, SFZ and EXS24 Samplers mean that you can get going without delay. It can also be used easily with Stylus RmX and nearly all other music software packages. If you produce Drum and Bass, Breaks or just need some modern edgy sounds for your productions - Soundbwoy Killah Drum and Bass from Loopmasters is the one for you!

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